Rap Legal: A Musical Guide Through Legal Issues

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Yo listen up, I got some legal info for you
Check out cell phone debt collection law, know your rights and what to do
When it comes to working age in India, minors got rules to follow
And if you need to, get out of a rental contract early, here’s the legal lowdown
For senior citizens in India, legal services are free
Remember the principles of business law for a successful company
How the double taxation agreement affects countries, read and see
Find out which states are tax-free, for a friendly destination, it’s the key
Understanding Indiana home distilling laws, for your legal undertakings
Want to know if Koenigsegg is legal in Canada? A question for your car explorations
For the ins and outs of doing business in Kurdistan, here’s the legal facts
Now you’ve got the legal knowledge, no need to be stressed
Thanks for reading this rap, your legal guide, I’m impressed